Benefits of Using Brophy Knight

Staff Training

Brophy Knight are proactive about the continuing education of their staff.    While all chartered accountants have to do 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development , a larger firm such as ours is able to cover far more training topics than a smaller firm and can then share the knowledge with their colleagues.  When we send one of our staff to a course they give a presentation to the rest of the accountants on the highlights of the course.  We generally have one or two staff members specialising in specific topics.


We endeavour to have at least two people able to do each job within the office which means if someone leaves, is on annual leave or sick leave, we have someone that can carry on with your work.

Utilising All Staff

We are committed to increasing the skills of all our staff and to us it makes sense for some of the easier work to be done by junior accountants so that fees are kept at a reasonable level.  When less experienced people are delegated accounting jobs, their work is thoroughly reviewed by senior staff.  Generally the same jobs are given to the same accountant each year to allow continuity. 

Members of NZCA

Brophy Knight is a member of NZCA which is a New Zealand wide group of independent Chartered accounting firms.  One of the benefits of this membership is that we can easily contact the other member firms with requests for agreements or forms or general queries, so we don't have to "reinvent the wheel".


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